Custom Photo Jewelry

I know it sounds crazy, but this all came from a dream! My husband was deployed at the time and whenever I would complain or worry about something he would always tell me "PMA Meg PMA" which means positive mental attitude. Well, this just irritated me and I got so sick of hearing it. (I can be difficult sometimes.) Fast forward a couple months, he is still deployed and I decide I want to start a business. With the support of a friend I decide to go for it. I go to sleep, dream up the name Picture Me Always and order my supplies the next day. Things started out slow, but gained momentum rather quickly after the first month. I was growing a business and growing as a person at the same time. It was fantastic! My husband, having no idea what I was up to, came home to quite the surprise. After I told him the name I had chosen he said " Oh Picture Me Always or PMA for short. I like it!" At that moment all I could do was laugh. The phrase that irritated me so much before had become my business and a big part of my life. I think it was meant to be and through all the ups and downs of having a business, I try to keep a positive mental attitude. :)

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